The Many Advantages of Hiring Plant Machinery

Heavy & Small Plant Hire, Machinery, Tools & Equipment in Braintree

Those in the construction industry know only too well how crucial high quality plant machinery, tools and equipment is to their business. While this is a fact, it's also the case that vehicles like Mini Diggers, Dumpers, Skid Steers, Rollers and Bowsers are far from cheap. This also applies to equipment like Cement Mixers, Reciprocating Saws and Space Heaters. Plus, while they may come in handy for a specific job, you don't want to be investing in items that are unlikely to be used regularly.

Start up building companies in places like Braintree, often struggle to have the exact equipment they need to hand. Building up a good reputation in a competitive market means providing a skilled and reliable service. The correct gear is essential for a professional approach, and high performance machinery will ensure great results. Turning up to a major landscaping job in Brentwood with a shovel and a wheelbarrow is not going to impress anybody.

Affordable Plant Hire Rates for Builders & Tradesmen in Brentwood


Most builders in Brentwood know that Plant Hire is a viable option these days and has a number of benefits. One of the biggest advantages is of course cost, as plant machinery represents a significant investment for any business. Even when you are sure of the type of vehicle or equipment you need, it is still a good idea to try out as many versions as possible. Some brands are better than others with different features, and you will only find that perfect fit during the process of using them.

A Kubota Mini Digger from specialists like Rhinos Plant Hire will tick all the boxes, and allow you to achieve amazing project outcomes. This customer focussed company continually renew and update their fleet, then offer their second hand machines to customers. This is an excellent way to own your own high performance heavy plant, at a fraction of the cost. Their machines are also expertly maintained and good for many years. Rhinos skilled mechanics will maintain customers own machinery too.

Skid Steer Dumpers from Hire Specialists in Braintree


Owning a piece of plant such as a Skid Steer Dumper requires you to store it properly and safely. These valuable items are on the radar of opportunist burglars or even those who steal to order. Not only would you have to invest in the equipment itself, but also ensure it was secure and out of harm's way.

Along with providing the appropriate storage, you would have the responsibility of keeping the machinery in full working order. Servicing, maintenance and repair can be an expensive requirement of these state of the art machines. After forking out for a top of the range Skid Steer manufactured by market leaders CAT, it would be foolish to leave it lying around. They take a lot of looking after, which fortunately when you hire, the hire company sorts out. You simply use as and when needed, then hand it back when you've finished. This has proved to be an extremely popular and convenient solution for builders, local authorities or home improvement enthusiasts in Braintree.

Plant Hire for Civil Engineering Projects in Brentwood

Equipment Condition

Good Plant Hire companies will only offer the highest quality plant, tools and equipment to customers. Not only that, but a reputable company will also make sure that their fleet receives the highest possible standard of maintenance. The last thing you need when trying to deliver a sterling service in Brentford, is for the equipment to break down. This can be frustrating, placing the job on hold, costing money and doesn't convey the most positive message.

Product Depreciation

As soon as an item is purchased, it begins to depreciate and lose it's value, which can be a little soul destroying for businesses. In addition, any manufacturer worth their salt are consistently researching new, better systems. Frequent updates make newer models even more streamlined, efficient and beautifully designed. Have you ever agonised about which tool to buy, only to see a newer version brought out once you have it. This can be an infuriating fact of life and one that happens frequently, and again demonstrates the advantages of plant hire.

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Heavy & Small Plant Hire, Machinery, Tools & Equipment in Braintree, Affordable Plant Hire Rates for Builders & Tradesmen in Brentwood. Skid Steer Dumpers from Hire Specialists in Braintree, Plant Hire for Civil Engineering Projects in Brentwood

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