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Audio Visual Home Entertainment and Security in Essex

Allied Building Contractors marketing partners, Optic Control Ltd, provide state of the art automated audio visual home entertainment and security systems to domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Essex and the South East of England.

Optic Control are a home owner’s dream. Home entertainments – television, music, gaming, lighting – instantly controllable in every room, using touch screen technology. Optic Control are geeks of the highest order. From installing satellite dishes, cable or internet access to creating dedicated home cinema suites, complete with authentic cinema seating, Optic Control can solve your home entertainment problems or design and install the televisual experience you have been waiting for.

Scale it up a little. Optic Control clients include hotels, hospitals and housing projects. Optic Control install multi-user television networks – individually controllable and all operating from a single-source antenna or satellite receiver. Satellite Master Antenna Systems significantly reduce costs while protecting the environment. 

Optic Control put Essex businesses in control of their security systems. Working with bars, nightclubs, restaurants and a host of commercial enterprises, Optic Control design and install technologically advanced security systems. From CCTV with internal and external cameras to automated number plate recognition for vehicle access, Optic Control respond to your every need. Night vision and data analytic software offer 24 hour security while higher end systems monitors who goes where and when. Automated door entry, voice recognition, and surveillance systems keep you, your staff and your customers safe throughout the day and night.

For more information on  Optic Control Ltd, check out the partner page on the Allied Build website or visit them at

Made to Measure UPVC Front Doors & Back Doors

Allied Building Contractors welcome you to our new blog with a first feature on friends and Essex neighbours, the UPVC Door Store. is one of the UK’s biggest on-line retailer of top quality, made to measure UPVC front doors and back doors. The UPVC Door Store offer an amazing choice of styles, designs and colours including natural wood effect  and textured finishes.

As Allied Building contractors know too well, a whole host of building repair needs are disguised by the long hot summer we’ve enjoyed. When it doesn’t rain we don’t notice the hole in the roof. When the windows are open to let the breeze in we don’t feel the draught coming in from under the door.

As the Summer turns to Autumn and the weather draws in, home owners across the country will be faced with some difficult decisions. All we would say is roofs don’t repair themselves and a small problem left untreated soon becomes a big problem.

One problem that is easily sorted is the fitting of new and replacement UPVC doors from the UPVC Door Store. UPVC doors come pre-hung in their own frames. Measuring for a replacement door is simple. Easy to follow instructions are given on their website and further help is only a phone call away.

Made to measure UPVC doors offer many benefits over traditional wooden doors. UPVC doors don’t rot, shrink or warp. They are guaranteed to remain draught-free throughout the years. UPVC front and back doors are designed to be thermally efficient. Insulated panels and double glazed units reduce heating bills while keeping the home snug and warm.

UPVC doors from the UPVC Door Store are built with security in mind. Both front and back doors feature five point lock and latch systems and standard.

Fitting new and replacement doors is also straightforward – but if you need any help, give us a call at Allied Building Contractors.