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Lease Finance for Air Conditioning & Renovation Projects

Many business when commissioning a new building or refurbishing existing premises would love to see a state of the art air conditioning system built into the plans. Air conditioning improves the working environment and makes customers feel welcome. In many areas of retail as well as in hotels, restaurants and shopping centres, air conditioning is often taken for granted and now only noticed in its absence.

The costs of modern air conditioning systems from specialists Turn Key Air Conditioning have never been more affordable. Innovations in air conditioning technology using heat exchange technology not only reduce the running costs but also reduce the carbon footprint of heating and air conditioning systems.

Turn Key Air Conditioning have now introduced lease finance options to make the installation of air conditioning not only more affordable but also tax efficient. Lease finance rentals are 100% allowable against pre-tax profits. This means that the total cost of the purchase of air conditioning from Turn Key Air Conditioning – both capital and interest – can be offset against tax during the lease period, with the lease payments deducted as a trading expense.

Not only is air conditioning welcome by staff and customers alike but lease finance offers benefits to businesses, landlords and architects. Lease finance for air conditioning from Turn Key can be used to cover the costs of the whole refurbishment programme – including the design costs. On completion of the project, businesses have fixed and affordable tax allowable monthly payments that are unaffected by interest rate changes.

For more information on lease finance for air conditioning see the article of the Allied Build website or visit Turn Key Air Conditioning at

Lease Finance for Air Conditioning & Renovation Projects