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Cart Lodges, Coach Houses and Oak Framed Garages in Essex

As expert builders, electricians and plumbers, Allied Build recognise the inherent beauty that comes from combining elegance with practicality. We are delighted to say that our friends and Essex neighbours at Traditional Oak Constructions Ltd manage to do this each and every day.

Traditional Oak Constructions Ltd are skilled and experienced in the design and construction of cart lodges, coach houses and timber framed garages.

Cart lodges immediately conjure up images of the rural idyll of the English countryside.

Originally designed for housing horse drawn carriages, timber cart lodges lost out to brick-built garages with the advent of the motorcar.

Thanks to innovative Essex companies like Traditional Oak Constructions, timber cart lodges  and car barns are coming back, only now they are more practical and more versatile than ever before.

Cart lodges from Traditional Oak Constructions Ltd are designed to meet the needs of each and every customer. While old-style garages are no longer big enough for today’s saloons and SUV’s, cart lodges can be constructed to accommodated several vehicles with room to spare.

But cart lodges aren’t just for storing vehicles. Cart lodges can be designed to incorporate office rooms above and workshops to the side. Cart lodges can be open or provide secure storage space. Modern cart lodges are powered by mains electricity, come with integrated heated and insulation, and can boast hot and cold water.

Designing and constructing a cart lodge, coach house or timber garage relies on the highest standards of craftsmanship, only available from an established company like Traditional Oak Constructions Ltd.

More information on design, planning regulations and construction of cart lodges, coach houses, summer houses and stables can be found at

Cart Lodges, Coach Houses and Oak Framed Garages