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Professional Electrical Training & Qualifications

Commercial, Retail & Public Sector Electrical Contractors in South Yorkshire & Nottinghamshire

bardoSafety and competence are at the core of any training geared towards a career in one of the top trades, and one which can bring excellent rewards. Most people can change a light bulb or even a fuse, but there are many electrical jobs which even the most enthusiastic DIY-er knows it would be extremely unwise to tackle. In these circumstances, calling a qualified electrician is the preferred process rather than dabbling in the unknown. Properly trained electricians might specialise in either domestic, industrial or commercial work, depending on a number of factors including who they trained with. A good way to get a sound knowledge and experience, is to embark on an apprenticeship with an established electrician or company. There are several major advantages to this route, as the apprentice is exposed to real life work experience, and learns to handle indoor and outdoor work, deal with other peoples wiring efforts, use materials and equipment and diagnose and remedy faults. Working relationships with customers and colleagues are also beneficial, and there is a huge amount of job satisfaction in knowing that you are providing people with a safe and functional environment to live or work in. An NVQ in electrical installation, is a nationally recognised qualification, and usually takes approximately four years to complete. It involves studying electrical theory, learning about installation and maintenance of electrical systems, and sitting the relevant exams. Then there is the practical hands on aspect, which is an essential step to success and qualification. Employer led apprenticeships are an excellent way to get used to new situations and how they are managed. You will also have an opportunity to become familiar with health and safety policies and procedures. Our web promotion partners Bardo Electrical Ltd, practice an active system of apprentice recruitment and training schemes, through training providers JTL. Bardo Electrical Ltd are highly reputable NICEIC approved, commercial, retail and public sector electrical contractors in South Yorkshire and Nottingham. With a large portfolio of completed electrical projects within schools and educational establishments, they are dedicated to promoting an exceptional standard of expertise among their staff and trainees. Their efforts have proved incredibly successful, resulting in their regular attendance at the South Yorkshire Apprenticeship Awards. Call Bardo Electrical Ltd on 01302 755 810

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