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Pocket Friendly Bathroom Transformations

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hbEach year sees the desire for a fresh perspective within home design, which is why annual events like The Ideal Home Show are so popular. Introducing inspirational ideas and innovative technology is what these exhibitions are all about, whether its with traditional and classic flare or an exquisitely chic and modern look.
Each area within the home comes with its own specific challenges, two in particular being the kitchen and bathroom. These rooms are required to provide an ultimately multifunctional living solution being at once practical, yet aesthetically attractive and stylish. The bathroom has an additionally demanding role, that of offering each member of the household their own personal sanctuary. Somewhere to relax and unwind, perform daily routines or get spruced up before a long day. This room must appear calm and serene or cheerful and vibrant while enduring the rigours of hectic everyday life. Hard wearing, waterproof and user friendly designs are important features of the furniture and fittings in a bathroom.

When considering a bathroom redesign, revamp or even rebuild, you may wish to keep the surroundings subtle and low key, or perhaps you will decide to make a unique design statement. Look at the latest trends in bathroom design and see if there is anything you fancy or any tips you can incorporate into your own decorating scheme. Bathroom makeover design ideas which are making an impact in 2015 include concentrating interest in one area of the room. Eye catching floor tiles or dynamic feature walls can transform a room and give it a stunning and unique character.

A major preference this year is drawing inspiration from nature, to create a warm and welcoming feel. It is fairly simple to incorporate this natural bathroom environment into your home, with materials such as real or simulated wood and stone. Wood or marble effect tile floors and a timber plank look feature wall can perfectly set the tone. The addition of plants or plant themes and designs will bring an earthy or even tropical atmosphere to any bathroom. An exciting option and alternative to potted plants which is seen increasingly in interior design is the vertical garden. A wall of cascading greenery will surprise and impress most visitors and deliver an outstanding vibe.

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