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5 Reasons to Hire your Office or Workspace

Affordable Office & Workspace for Hire, Long or Short Term Rental, Various Sizes & Specifications

flowerarrangMany toy with the idea of running a company from home, owning a thriving, prosperous business while effortlessly managing or contributing to the home. Answering important emails, and dealing with customers while popping on a wash, making a snack or cuppa, catching a bit of your favourite show, or finishing off that flower basket arrangement for Grandma. However this idealistic view of multi tasking is seldom a good idea, and can lead to frustration and high levels of stress!

Experts agree that having your own dedicated workspace is essential, allowing you to fully concentrate on your work distraction free. This is often difficult to attain, as most homes do not include extra rooms for use as office or work space, and it is virtually impossible to completely cut off from the rest of the home and its daily activities. Sometimes people will utilise a garden shed for this purpose, but even then disturbances and interruptions are a possibility.

Many companies offering storage, now include office or workspace for rent, which can be an excellent solution with several advantages. A few of these include:-

1. Your business being taken more seriously as a viable concern, as it has a different address from home.

2. Less chance of interruptions and distractions as you are physically removed from the home. This makes it easier to switch off and focus on business.

3. Finance is always a big stress factor when starting a new business, and hiring your work space means less risk, with no large purchases or contractual obligations until you feel ready.

4. Office and workspace rental options are usually extremely flexible, which is great as your needs may vary requiring a larger or smaller area.

5. Reputable hire facilities provide exceptionally secure spaces including technology like CCTV, electronically controlled gates, 8ft high fences and secure locking systems.

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