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Getting rid of Building Work Dust

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dafs2Have you ever noticed how, when your building work is completed, no matter how careful or tidy your contractors were, you find dust and debris for weeks on end. Depending on the scale of the work, dust can appear in the strangest places like inside cupboards, drawers, on walls, windows and most other places. Once the work is finished and the builders have left, it’s a good idea to wait a while in order to let the dust settle. It’s tempting to get it done immediately, but rushing in and cleaning too soon will mean wasted time and energy, having to redo everything several times.

This settling time can be anything up to two weeks! Any debris or rubble can be cleared away using a dustpan and broom to help get rid of larger pieces of unwanted material. Use a vacuum to remove dirt from carpets and upholstery to avoid it being trodden or ground in. You can do this every few days for about two weeks. Warm water and a gentle floor cleaner should be used for wood, laminate, tile or stone flooring. [after checking the manufacturers instructions of course].

Curtains and blinds will harbour lots of dust, so vacuum your curtains carefully before washing them, and wipe over PVC, metal or wood blinds with a damp cloth. Run a long handled feather duster over your walls, and clean the inside of your windows.

To deep clean your home, apply an antibacterial product to work surfaces etc, alternatively make your own with lemon juice, baking soda and lemon juice or vinegar. Rub this concoction over work surfaces and rinse. When dusting pay attention to skirting boards, picture frames, electrical goods, mirrors and ornaments. A microfibre cloth is ideal for this task and will grab the dust particles, leaving a shiny, dust free finish.

If you can’t face a big clean up, you can call in professionals like Berkeley Cleaning Services Ltd, who have a vast experience of cleaning all kinds of environments. One of their specialities is builders cleans for homes, offices, schools and retail outlets in Essex and East London. They offer a Free quote and Free initial clean for new contracts, so call Berkeley on 01245 252 044.

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Innovative Building for the Future

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tlsThe future of construction looks pretty exciting, as visions of a landscape buzzing with drones, robotic bulldozers and 3D printers materialise. Drones are finding their way into many areas of society, and in the building trade could come in very handy. They could monitor project progress from above, give updates on the proceedings and spot potential problems.

Further ground breaking technology enables drones to send 3D models to robotic machinery via computers. All of these innovations mean changes to the construction process, which is good news as the United Nations reports that around 3 billion people will need housing by the year 2030. It is expected that the building industry worldwide will embrace and take on board these modern approaches. The 3D printing system will initially concentrate on concrete, and is being tested at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry. The centre has up to now only been involved with hi-tech industries and this is its first experience of collaborating with the construction industry. Some experts are still sceptical about the practical side of this technology, and point out its limitations in some situations.

As designers look increasingly towards nature for inspiration, a number of interesting concepts are emerging. These include porous, water filled ‘Cool Bricks’, which consist of a lattice-like structure which holds water, similar to a sponge keeping the home cooler. Futuristic designs include roofing systems fitted with pine cone-like openings that would respond to climatic conditions. This would provide a form of natural air conditioning based on organic forms.

New ways of working and fresh ideas are welcomed by many within the building industry, as well as forward thinking specialists in specific trades such as electrical contracting. Successful companies such as Teleysis Lighting Services Ltd, have a reputation for thinking outside the box, and delivering tailored solutions to high end clients. They have produced outstanding results for projects using Computer Aided Design [CAD], and consisting of bespoke lighting system design and installation, plug and play systems and refurbishments. They offer a fast and reliable service as standard when designing and installing their soft skin and modular wiring systems. They have applied their skills to major projects for clients including The Shard, The Gherkin, Heron Towers and Battersea Power Station. Call Teleysis Lighting Services to discuss your project on 01279 639777

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