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Digging the Excitement

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Builders don’t very often find much of interest when digging up soil for redevelopments and renovations, [except maybe the odd worm] but occasionally there is a flurry of excitement on site. In 2017, while carrying out a building project at Hertfordshire County Museum, workers found a glass container hidden behind a stone plaque. The bottle was in fact a time capsule from 1898, and contained historic stamps, a Victorian half-penny coin and copies of the Herts Advertiser and St Albans Times dated 16th July 1898.

The bottle, which had lain for more than a century before being discovered, was placed behind a stone plaque created to commemorate the construction of the museum in 1898. The discovery included a note written in elegant handwriting, which explained when the bottle was put there, and that it was during the ceremony to lay “the Foundation Stone of Hertfordshire County Museum by Dame Maria Millington Evans”. Dame Evans was an archaeologist as well as an author, and was married to a wealthy founder of the museum, Sir John Evans.

The site at Hatfield Rd, which was being developed into homes had another surprise, when a second time capsule was found dated 1960. This capsule also contained a copy of the Herts Advertiser, stamps and a coin, and is thought to have been added when the stone was moved from its original position.

The revealing items will be displayed at the Verulamium Museum, before being concealed again at the old museum site once work is completed. The St Albans location will gain ten council owned homes, and any money raised from their sale will contribute to the £7.75m cost of the council’s project to produce a new museum and art gallery at the Town Hall in St Peter’s Street.

As you can see, you never know what you may find when you embark on building, so start thinking about the project you’re planning in St Albans. Save money by hiring your heavy or small plant machinery, tools and equipment from Rhino Plant Hire, and you’re good to go!.

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