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How to Avoid Plant Machinery Theft

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Plant HireAn article on the Planning & Building Control Today [PCBToday] website earlier this year, highlighted a phenomenon exacerbated by the global pandemic. Plant and tool theft has always been a thorn in the side of all concerned [except the thieves obviously!], but incidences have risen considerably thanks to Covid 19. There was an estimated 50% rise in raids on vehicles and sites around the start of the pandemic, causing massive financial loss. Many sites were forced to close and projects put on hold nationwide due to the virus.

Plant machinery like Mini Diggers, Dumpers, Skid Steers, Rollers etc represent rich pickings for those willing to steal, and organised gangs have been rife. Of course when a site is closed, there are no personnel or security staff around to keep an eye on things. This leaves vehicles and machinery worth thousands of pounds vulnerable to theft or vandalism. High end plant machinery from leading names like Kubota, Thwaites and Bobcat have state of the art anti theft systems, but cheaper versions can be easier to take.

Nick Mayell, Datatag’s CESAR Police training and liaison officer said at the time: “The Coronavirus ‘lockdown’ has meant that it’s currently ‘open season’ for criminal gangs who target construction plant. “Whereas a company would normally ‘wind-down’ for seasonal closures by ‘off-hiring’ kit and moving their own machines – sites have closed overnight – in the blink of an eye – and the thieves are having a field day.”

Companies are being urged to remove plant and tools from sites, but this raises the question of safe storage. This is where plant hire yet again is the ideal option, alleviating the worry of loss and business failure. Rhinos Plant Hire offer modern, high performance machines, tools and equipment ensuring a reliable solution when carrying out building work in places like Hatfield.



Complete Construction Project Management for Domestic or Commercial Customers

Should You Get That Building Work Done?

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ConstructionOrganisations such as the Federation of Master Builders have set out some important guidelines for those planning building improvements. It’s all about staying safe in this current climate, and addresses the question of whether to go ahead with projects in places like Croydon.

Points include: –

Being prepared

There is a campaign called ‘Work Safe, Safe Work’ developed by TrustMark, which aims to inform consumers about how to prepare for planned construction work. You can also find out the most helpful key questions to ask a builder at each stage of the work.

Be aware of rogue traders

As if Covid 19 isn’t bad enough, it has given rise to opportunist fraudsters, who wish to take advantage of home owners wanting to get jobs done and dusted. Normal caution is sometimes thrown to the wind when fast and cheap work is offered. Trading standards worryingly reports increased activity of this kind, and urges people to be patient.

Leave it to the professionals

Don’t be tempted to carry out substantial work yourself, apart from things like painting and decorating. This of course particularly relates to work with electrics or gas which can be extremely dangerous.

Don’t pressure your builder

Do not put pressure on your builder to cut corners where health and safety is concerned. Due to the virus, building projects are likely to take a little longer as new rules will be in place.

Make use of remote contact

Good communication is crucial if work is to get done safely and to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Keep in touch and updated with your builder by phone, email etc, but stay aware of cyber crime.

If there is any work you feel able to do yourself, you can hire tools and equipment [even small diggers] from specialists like Rhinos Plant Hire. Rhinos offer an outstanding range of high performance products from major manufacturers.


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