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Expand your Space

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Many new builds are pretty compact these days without things like built in closets, and if your home has a lack of storage space it can be frustrating. A good way around this is to have an extension or conservatory added, or perhaps a garage/loft conversion will solve the problem. If these options are not possible for whatever reason, you can still create some extra space by using ingenuity.

Before you decide on your best course of action, try to have a bit of a clear out, most of us have items of clothing that we never wear, or wore once five years ago. Scaling down and getting rid of clutter can be a little nerve racking, but if you make your mind up not to keep anything damaged, badly fitting etc you could be on a winner. Once you have achieved this step you will know just how much storage space you need.

Storage that is built into items such as beds or headboards is ideal for keeping bedding and other items tucked away. An ottoman at the foot of the bed looks the part and comes in very handy for storage and seating. Airtight vacuum storage bags are a must for duvets and pillows, reducing their size considerably once the air is sucked out. Boxes may be kept under beds that don’t have storage drawers, and hidden using a valance sheet.

Mobile hanging racks for clothes can be used with covers to avoid dust settling, and over the door hangers for scarves and bags. You can affix cork boards to the wall with hooks or pins for hanging jewellery on. Look around antique and second hand shops for furniture that you can personalise with chalk paint or the like. You can also buy good quality bespoke storage systems from places like Ikea.

For items that are seasonal so not needed for half of the year like thick jumpers or Christmas decorations, consider renting a storage unit or container. These can be extremely affordable and serve to free up lots of space in your home. You won’t know yourself!

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Dry Weather and Strong Winds = a Recipe for Disaster

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 As a result of the hot dry weather, it has been a devastating few months with regards to large areas of the UK including Saddleworth Moor in the North of England. Wildfires have raged virtually unabated across the country presenting some very real challenges to the various fire and rescue services. The latest blaze which lasted for three weeks before it was contained by fire crews, fire specialists and the army, is being called the largest wildfire in living memory within the United Kingdom.

Temperatures reached over 30C for several days making June 2018 the hottest in the UK since 1995, and the dry conditions were exacerbated by winds. There was at the same time a strong warm anticyclone caused by anticlockwise wind circulation around the UK and Ireland. These factors combined create a perfect recipe for fire to break out, which can then spread quickly. There was even a hosepipe ban imposed in Northern Ireland, the first one for over twenty years.

Late June saw persistent high pressure coming from southern Europe, and prolonged high temperatures, labelled an official heatwave throughout Britain. Porthmadog in Gwynedd, Wales recorded temperatures of 32.6 °C (90.7 °F) on 28th June.

The first fire on Saddleworth Moor bloke out in an area between Manchester and Sheffield on 24th June, but was put out the same day. Pockets of fire continued to ignite the next day, becoming uncontrollable over the next few days prompting a ‘major incident’ declaration. There were 2,000 acres of land alight by 27th June, and wind speed and direction helped to spread the flames far and wide across the arid moorland. Most of the time extinguishing the fire was futile, as it would simply smoulder for a time then reignite.

Air quality was affected due to the amount of drifting smoke, and nearby residents were advised to wear masks when outside, and keep doors and windows closed. A great deal of team work and some welcome rainfall eventually achieved success, although the Saddleworth Moor fire was just one of many awful incidents of fire that won’t be forgotten in a hurry in June 2018.

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Plant Machinery Hire in Harlow

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Plant machinery is some of the hardest working equipment around, such as the Telehandler or Boom Lift. These tough, skilfully designed contraptions are used extensively within the industrial world and on construction projects, as they are versatile and perfect for a number of jobs. They sometimes get to do more exciting work too like the placing of sculptures!

They feature a telescopic boom and can be fitted with a variety of attachments to suit each job, as one of the biggest advantages of these machines is that they are multifunctional. They can be easily transformed into aerial work platforms, lifting gear, tractors, earth-moving machines or cranes. The average telehandler has some impressive hydraulic functions to move up and down, extend and retract, tilt forwards or backwards, extend or retract stabilisers and a levelling ability for unstable surfaces. They also offer three types of steering which include:-

  • Front-wheel steering: The safest option when using these machines on the road as only the front wheels turn
  • Four-wheel steering: Great for off-road use and in small, awkward areas, front and rear wheels each rotate in an opposite direction providing a small turning circle
  • Crab steering: With this action all four wheels rotate in the same direction, which lets the vehicle drive sideways, perfect for confined spaces

Pieces of heavy plant machinery are often designed to provide more than one function, which makes them good value for money especially when hiring. This way you can choose your machinery, and complete several tasks during the hire period. Always ensure that you use a reputable hire company like Rhino Plant Hire, who cater for customers in Harlow and throughout Essex and London. This means a safe and efficient project, without having to invest in expensive equipment.

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Digging the Excitement

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Builders don’t very often find much of interest when digging up soil for redevelopments and renovations, [except maybe the odd worm] but occasionally there is a flurry of excitement on site. In 2017, while carrying out a building project at Hertfordshire County Museum, workers found a glass container hidden behind a stone plaque. The bottle was in fact a time capsule from 1898, and contained historic stamps, a Victorian half-penny coin and copies of the Herts Advertiser and St Albans Times dated 16th July 1898.

The bottle, which had lain for more than a century before being discovered, was placed behind a stone plaque created to commemorate the construction of the museum in 1898. The discovery included a note written in elegant handwriting, which explained when the bottle was put there, and that it was during the ceremony to lay “the Foundation Stone of Hertfordshire County Museum by Dame Maria Millington Evans”. Dame Evans was an archaeologist as well as an author, and was married to a wealthy founder of the museum, Sir John Evans.

The site at Hatfield Rd, which was being developed into homes had another surprise, when a second time capsule was found dated 1960. This capsule also contained a copy of the Herts Advertiser, stamps and a coin, and is thought to have been added when the stone was moved from its original position.

The revealing items will be displayed at the Verulamium Museum, before being concealed again at the old museum site once work is completed. The St Albans location will gain ten council owned homes, and any money raised from their sale will contribute to the £7.75m cost of the council’s project to produce a new museum and art gallery at the Town Hall in St Peter’s Street.

As you can see, you never know what you may find when you embark on building, so start thinking about the project you’re planning in St Albans. Save money by hiring your heavy or small plant machinery, tools and equipment from Rhino Plant Hire, and you’re good to go!.

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Be Brave with your Interiors

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In many areas of life, people like to take risks, maybe not scary ones but just enough to stimulate. That tempting investment, a slightly tricky bicycle manoeuvre, or a challenging competition or activity. This type of thing can inject a little excitement into the everyday routine, and provide a subject for conversation. However, when it comes to interior design, most people are a little more conservative, and usually like to err on the side of caution. Even when they desire something adventurous and wildly different for their abode, they often eventually decide to play it safe.

Some schools of thought advise people to ‘just do it’, take a gamble and create a home which is individual and that reflects the unique personality of the occupants. Vibrant colours, daring artwork, bold patterns will tempt you out of that ‘safe’ haven and open up a world of new emotions and confidence. Making a visual statement is extremely liberating and refreshing, and will provide a focal point encouraging comments and conversation.

An ideal time to consider a complete change of this kind, is when planning some home improvement work, such as an extension or conversion. Be brave and look around at ideas on the internet, in magazines or notice décor when watching TV. You will see a wide range of looks, some contemporary, some quirky, some arty and others which deliver a dynamic impact while being chic and sophisticated. Choose your own favourite theme such as depictions of animals or tropical scenes.

However perfect your home décor concept seems, it is always wise to have the benefit of experienced eyes. SJP Building Services in Wigan, offer among their comprehensive range of services, professional interior design. Interior designers who work closely on a project with builders can gain an invaluable insight into the process and any issues which may arise. Also a designer who is familiar with the particular approach of the contractor and knows how they work, is more informed about possibilities, leading to a successful outcome.

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Excellence in Construction

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Exciting events within the construction industry include the National Construction News Awards, which are now in their 21st year. The event celebrates leading innovators within the construction world, and is held in July of each year in London. The philosophy of the awards can be summed up by the words people, pride and passion. Highlighting the best in the industry is what the awards are all about, although decisions must be extremely difficult for the judges.

The outstanding new Alder Hey Children’s Hospital by Laing O’Rourke Construction received a Mark of Excellence award in 2016, which will come as no surprise to those who have seen the building. The category was Project of the Year [over 50m], and the hospital is a vision of ground breaking contemporary design. The structure represents a European first, and is situated in a park, bringing stunning aesthetics and features such as a flowing design, beautiful curtain walling and energy efficient green technology. It is the first ‘cognitive’ hospital, and utilises the concept of ‘big data’, an advanced system which manages the storing, handling and accessing of vast amounts of records and information. Each angle of the £167m building offers a different and unique perspective with undulating lines, cantilevered bays and wildflower meadow themed green roofs.

An award winning structure adjacent to the hospital is the new Institute in the Park at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. This £24m project by Hopkins Architects, is another award winning example of excellence within the construction industry. It houses a world leading research and education facility, and is ideally placed to provide a long term solution to analysis and development of treatment and medicines for children and young people.

The UK construction industry includes some of the most talented and capable companies around, like Multi Building Services Ltd. These construction specialists offer exceptionally high quality work, and have over 30 years experience in the trade.

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The Need for Affordable Homes in the UK

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A recent article on the Guardian website stated that London is in danger of losing many nurses, teachers and emergency service workers, due to the lack of affordable housing. The loss of these key workers is likely to cost the capital billions annually according to joint research from the University of Westminster and housing charity Dolphin Living. The situation could also cause the segregation of the south east where finance and occupation are concerned.

As the population in London alone is set to expand to 9.8 million by the middle of the next decade, there is a risk that key workers will begin to move elsewhere without action. It is critical for places like hospitals and schools to retain their specialised staff, as they contribute much to the economy as well as to society. These important workers have extremely challenging roles which are usually not reflected in the salaries they receive. An example of this is seen in the case of nurses who assist in returning thousands of patients to health and back into the workplace each year. Civil servants and those powering London’s vast tourism industry are also seen as key workers who boost the local economy.

According to professor Peter Urwin from the University of Westminster, amongst the estimated one million key workers across Greater London, the migration has already started. Rather than commute, people are looking for work closer to home, and the resulting exodus could ultimately cost the local economy £9.6bn. Alarmingly, in the borough of Westminster, the price of a typical house has risen to £961,000.

The government is attempting to address the housing shortage issue nationally by making available funds for the building of garden villages. There are 14 of these villages planned which will alleviate the housing situation across a broader area. The residents of these communities are expected to enjoy high quality affordable housing, without the need to commute to work, as the system is intended to offer a self sustaining solution.

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Innovative Building for the Future

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tlsThe future of construction looks pretty exciting, as visions of a landscape buzzing with drones, robotic bulldozers and 3D printers materialise. Drones are finding their way into many areas of society, and in the building trade could come in very handy. They could monitor project progress from above, give updates on the proceedings and spot potential problems.

Further ground breaking technology enables drones to send 3D models to robotic machinery via computers. All of these innovations mean changes to the construction process, which is good news as the United Nations reports that around 3 billion people will need housing by the year 2030. It is expected that the building industry worldwide will embrace and take on board these modern approaches. The 3D printing system will initially concentrate on concrete, and is being tested at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry. The centre has up to now only been involved with hi-tech industries and this is its first experience of collaborating with the construction industry. Some experts are still sceptical about the practical side of this technology, and point out its limitations in some situations.

As designers look increasingly towards nature for inspiration, a number of interesting concepts are emerging. These include porous, water filled ‘Cool Bricks’, which consist of a lattice-like structure which holds water, similar to a sponge keeping the home cooler. Futuristic designs include roofing systems fitted with pine cone-like openings that would respond to climatic conditions. This would provide a form of natural air conditioning based on organic forms.

New ways of working and fresh ideas are welcomed by many within the building industry, as well as forward thinking specialists in specific trades such as electrical contracting. Successful companies such as Teleysis Lighting Services Ltd, have a reputation for thinking outside the box, and delivering tailored solutions to high end clients. They have produced outstanding results for projects using Computer Aided Design [CAD], and consisting of bespoke lighting system design and installation, plug and play systems and refurbishments. They offer a fast and reliable service as standard when designing and installing their soft skin and modular wiring systems. They have applied their skills to major projects for clients including The Shard, The Gherkin, Heron Towers and Battersea Power Station. Call Teleysis Lighting Services to discuss your project on 01279 639777

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5 Reasons to Hire your Office or Workspace

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flowerarrangMany toy with the idea of running a company from home, owning a thriving, prosperous business while effortlessly managing or contributing to the home. Answering important emails, and dealing with customers while popping on a wash, making a snack or cuppa, catching a bit of your favourite show, or finishing off that flower basket arrangement for Grandma. However this idealistic view of multi tasking is seldom a good idea, and can lead to frustration and high levels of stress!

Experts agree that having your own dedicated workspace is essential, allowing you to fully concentrate on your work distraction free. This is often difficult to attain, as most homes do not include extra rooms for use as office or work space, and it is virtually impossible to completely cut off from the rest of the home and its daily activities. Sometimes people will utilise a garden shed for this purpose, but even then disturbances and interruptions are a possibility.

Many companies offering storage, now include office or workspace for rent, which can be an excellent solution with several advantages. A few of these include:-

1. Your business being taken more seriously as a viable concern, as it has a different address from home.

2. Less chance of interruptions and distractions as you are physically removed from the home. This makes it easier to switch off and focus on business.

3. Finance is always a big stress factor when starting a new business, and hiring your work space means less risk, with no large purchases or contractual obligations until you feel ready.

4. Office and workspace rental options are usually extremely flexible, which is great as your needs may vary requiring a larger or smaller area.

5. Reputable hire facilities provide exceptionally secure spaces including technology like CCTV, electronically controlled gates, 8ft high fences and secure locking systems.

Newcastle Self Storage have a range of low cost workspaces and offices for hire to suit every need. A friendly and flexible approach has meant that customers return time and again, and they are frequently recommended to friends and family. Call them on 0191 406 6333

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What are the Top 5 UK Value Adding Home Improvements?

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building03There is really no better way to breath new life into your property than by carrying out some smart home improvements. Whatever change you are considering, try to imagine you are a future buyer coming to view the house, and their impression. To help, we have compiled a list of the five most popular home improvements which are sure to raise the profile and consequently value of your home.

Surveys conducted by the National Association of Estate Agents revealed that the home improvements most often chosen that add value to the home are:

1. Loft Conversions – Value Added = 10%

Creating an extra bedroom is something many people dream of, as it can significantly enhance your living experience. Most do this by converting an existing loft or attic, which makes perfect sense as most of these dusty spaces sit empty except for numerous bags of unwanted, miscellaneous items.

2. Extra Bathrooms – Value Added = 6.10%

There is a big push for homes to have more than one bathroom, and this trend means that the addition of an extra bathroom is an extremely strong selling point. A new bathroom can be purpose designed from scratch, in the style of your choice, with state of the art, water saving fixtures and fittings.

3. New kitchens – Value Added = 5.80%

The kitchen is often the focal point of a home, and a fresh new kitchen will often appeal to buyers as it saves them a lot of time and hassle. Open plan combines dining and living spaces but avoid anything too stylised or quirky when placing on the market.

4. Central Heating – Value Added = 5.40%

You may be surprised that some homes either have no central heating or their existing boiler or system is in need of a replacement. Most people will assume you have central heating so you would be wise to have a system installed or upgraded to a more efficient model.

5. Conservatories – Value Added = 5%

Conservatories in effect offer more space for a wide range of uses. A big favourite with most people an elegant, well designed conservatory allows the family to enjoy the garden whatever the weather.

Whichever home improvement you decide on, its makes perfect sense to get any high quality flooring professionally cleaned or refurbished. This is a much cheaper option than replacement and results can be spectacular. Specialists like Lawco Flooring clean, repair, maintain and refurbish Italian marble, terrazzo, granite, limestone, Welsh slate and mosaic to an incredibly high standard.


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