Get a Lighter Carbon Footprint!

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image by Vanguard Conversions

image by Vanguard Conversions

The push to decrease carbon emissions within our environment has been a sustained one, yet has not always been straight forward. With new build homes the task is somewhat easier, as green design and technology can be implemented from the outset. However, refurbishing older properties can become a bit of a nightmare and presents a challenge to the most experienced of building contractors.

Housing stock in the UK is some of the least efficient in Europe, being the source of almost a quarter of the UK’s annual carbon emissions. Government schemes have included the Green Deal, Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed-In Tariffs, with some being more successful than others. Living a more green lifestyle is to everybody’s benefit, with regards cost, savings, comfort and the environment. There is lots of helpful information for householders wishing to improve their energy efficiency on the Energy Saving Trust website.

There are several ways that people can boost their home’s energy efficiency at the same time as saving money on fuel bills. Solar panels consisting of PV cells, are usually fitted to the roof of a property, and draw energy from the sun to create electricity. With this system you could also receive payments depending on the amount of generated energy.

You can take advantage of Air Source Heat Pump [ASHP] technology to heat your home and provide hot water or underfloor heating. Even when outside temperatures are low these pumps will produce renewable heat, keeping your heating bills down. Most of these ASHP systems are also eligible for the governments Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, giving extra income as well as savings.

Other measures include things like home insulation, water saving features, energy rated appliances, smart meters and of course energy efficient lighting. LED lighting represents one of the most advanced forms of innovative, sustainable technology. They are highly reliable, functional and have an impressive lifespan. Many large establishments and local councils have implemented LED light replacement in the last few years. The extensive range of LED lights from Luxlite Ltd have been developed and manufactured after in-depth consultation with users and lighting specialists. Find out more about their range by calling 01253 890211

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