Plant Machinery Hire in Harlow

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Plant machinery is some of the hardest working equipment around, such as the Telehandler or Boom Lift. These tough, skilfully designed contraptions are used extensively within the industrial world and on construction projects, as they are versatile and perfect for a number of jobs. They sometimes get to do more exciting work too like the placing of sculptures!

They feature a telescopic boom and can be fitted with a variety of attachments to suit each job, as one of the biggest advantages of these machines is that they are multifunctional. They can be easily transformed into aerial work platforms, lifting gear, tractors, earth-moving machines or cranes. The average telehandler has some impressive hydraulic functions to move up and down, extend and retract, tilt forwards or backwards, extend or retract stabilisers and a levelling ability for unstable surfaces. They also offer three types of steering which include:-

  • Front-wheel steering: The safest option when using these machines on the road as only the front wheels turn
  • Four-wheel steering: Great for off-road use and in small, awkward areas, front and rear wheels each rotate in an opposite direction providing a small turning circle
  • Crab steering: With this action all four wheels rotate in the same direction, which lets the vehicle drive sideways, perfect for confined spaces

Pieces of heavy plant machinery are often designed to provide more than one function, which makes them good value for money especially when hiring. This way you can choose your machinery, and complete several tasks during the hire period. Always ensure that you use a reputable hire company like Rhino Plant Hire, who cater for customers in Harlow and throughout Essex and London. This means a safe and efficient project, without having to invest in expensive equipment.

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