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ho_soffit3Its not quite time to come out from hiding and check how our roofs and gutters etc have fared during the winter yet. There is still a pretty persistent chill in the air, and that wind and rain is gone one minute and back the next! This year has seen some of the most severe storms for a long time, especially in some parts of the UK, the result of us catching the tail end of a number of hurricanes and cyclones.

Your home can suffer from excessive weather conditions, especially where there are weak points such as vulnerable joints or old or inferior fittings. Windows and doors should be snug and functional, preventing cold air and draughts from entering.

Every part of your roof is exposed to whatever the British climate chooses to throw at it so it is important to make sure it is strong and sound. You will often be able to see if there is a problem with your roof, guttering, downpipes, fascias and soffits, but sometimes developing or established problems are not all that obvious. Closer inspection either from inside via an attic or outside by a professional could reveal worrying issues. Any displaced or dislodged tiles may allow water to get into the felt, and should be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. If guttering, fascias or soffits are damaged, they will probably not be performing properly or protecting your home from the elements as they should. Inspect the inside of the home for tell tale signs of leaks, such as on ceilings and walls. Water infiltration will show up as peeling or bubbling paint, stains and patches of damp.

Wooden soffits and fascias sometimes need replacing due to rotting or deterioration, and popular alternatives are the UPVC equivalents. Get your roof, gutters, soffits and fascias inspected at least twice a year and particularly after a period of rough weather. Chelmsford Roofline Ltd offer professional installation of high quality UPVC fascias, soffits, guttering and downpipes. Attractive and functional these products will enhance your home while keeping it dry and protected. You can expect no nasty shocks after the colder, wetter months.

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