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Lighting Leading the Way

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lightingWhen redesigning or updating your home, [very popular in the last little while due to lockdowns etc] lighting can be a game changer. It can change the atmosphere and hint at the personality of homes and occupants. Simply repositioning the lighting in a room can have a massive effect on mood and feel. Different rooms throughout the home have various needs where lighting is concerned. Kitchens may require strongly lit areas to carry out activities like reading recipes etc. Alternatively, living rooms are more suited to soft, relaxing lighting.

Like any other aspect of home design, lighting trends vary from season to season and technology increasingly plays a part. Styles include vintage lighting, Art Deco, mid-century modern, contemporary and so on. Softer colours and brushed metallic finishes have been extremely popular recently. Shades such as ‘greige’ have emerged, which is a sort of blend of grey and beige. Also favourite is a sort of gold and silver mix, a gentle merging of the two. This look sits comfortably within just about any d├ęcor be it ultra modern or traditional.

Industrial and retro styles are making a reappearance too, albeit in a more elegant and refined form. We are seeing sleeker, metal rich products in a range of tones, with striking retro fixtures. They typically look more artsy than past versions, in fact more reminiscent of sculpture than light fittings. The latest ‘must have’ lighting often features unique geometric designs and clean lines. Also people are loving curved shapes taken from nature or even a mix of styles.

Lighting whether for domestic, retail or office applications has played it’s part in the push for more environmentally friendly solutions. LED lighting has been replacing the obsolete incandescent bulbs on a vast scale. Not only do they use less energy but they last so much longer, avoiding the need to keep replacing bulbs. You can also easily tailor LEDs and get the desired look for your rooms.


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